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Brand design

Branding: Luciana Vega 

Luciana Vega™ was the American Girl® 2018 Girl of the Year™. She's an aspiring astronaut with big dreams of being the first girl to go to Mars. Not only does Luciana have a mind for science and exploration, she's creative too, adding her own personal "flair" to everything she does. Our job on the brand creative team was to create a visual environment that reflected Luciana's personality and was inspired by her dreams to be an astronaut. We ultimately presented and delivered style guides and assets to tactical teams both inside and outside the organization. While on this team, I worked on several characters, brands, seasonal campaigns, and products (some unreleased) including Luciana™, Gabriella™, Blaire™, and two iterations of the American Girl master brand. My role: research, ideation, conceptual and strategic rationale, typography, illustration, pattern and asset creation, and establishment of style direction.

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