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Gift trunk configurator/site home redesign 

Mattel wanted to modernize American Girl's web presence while also releasing a "gift trunk" that would allow the customer to create custom gift bundles in two sizes, complete with an auto-generated letter to the recipient expressing the gifter's admiration and hopes for the recipient's happiness and future. The goal was to offer the gift trunk as an upgrade at the point of purchase for each available doll. This necessitated a complete overhaul of the site architecture so every available doll would have a path to the gift trunk. This overhaul included a site entry redesign to support the new architecture and shift from a commerce-heavy point of entry to an emotional one, and a replatform to a new CRM as well. My role: ideated site concepts, supported information architecture, UX, low and high fidelity wireframes for the site update and for the gift trunk, created UI and visual designs for developer.

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